The Morning Walk For Yoga

The Morning Walk for Yoga is an invitation for you to take a metaphoric 'walk' through your body.  I envision this short 3min video (posted below) as something you can come back to time and time again. 

This is my New Years offering for 2022 with the intention to support you to be at peace in your body.  At peace in your mind. 

I created it so you have something to listen to (although you are welcome to  watch), so you can focus as you begin your yoga practice. 

Maybe you only have a few minutes to practice yoga.  Maybe The Morning Walk for Yoga IS your practice for the day. 

Yoga, a practice developed thousands of years ago, is about developing a state of presence. We do not necessarily need to be on our mats to practice.  

 To be present, we simply need to be open to FEEL,  feel everything that arises, just as it is.   

Yoga supports you to feel alive and present in your body and not be distracted by the stories and endless chatter of the mind. 

As we cultivate this ability to feel, to be present we are then able to relax. To be restful. To be at peace. 

About creating the video. Last summer I wrote to Bryon Katie (founder of The Work of Byron Katie(TM) ) to ask her permission to adapt the words from a mindful exercise she teaches called The Morning Walk to be able to use it for my yoga practice. 

I have been using The Work for over 20 years with clients and for myself, to help question my stressful thoughts. I love The Morning Walk and spontaneously found myself doing a kind of internal morning walk in my body when I was practicing yoga. I wanted to share it with others. 

So, with Byron Katie's permission, with this adapted script, I finally got round to editing clips and images for it.  It's not perfect but I hope it provides some of the essence of what I'm pointing to. 

 The Morning Walk for Yoga reminds you that your body is the vehicle and container for how you experience life. 

You don't have to get lost in your mind, with worries, doubts, fears and anxieties.  The Morning Walk for Yoga is an opportunity to let all that mind chatter release and simply feel what is alive now. 

 To FEEL whatever arises without a story. 

As I say in the video,  use only 'first generation names'.  So instead of thinking "oh that's my poor knee joint,  that I've had trouble with for ages, after that acciende, or that injury, or maybe I need an operation, or I had the operation and it's still not quite right" (and so on and so forth), just feel it in this moment now and say simply


And that doesn't mean you don't go and get an x-ray, it doesn't mean you aren't looking to get help for your sore knee.  What it does mean is that you are present to it now.  

Present, as if you were in a body for the very first time. 


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