Winter Solstice Meditation

Every winter solstice,  when I lived at the spiritual community of  Findhorn,  I would do a walking meditation through a beautifully prepared spiral of greenery with an unlit candle in my hand.  As I walked,  I would reflect on all the months of the previous year.  The people, places, situations I loved, was challenged by, grew from or connected with.  And I would release that old year. 

It was a powerful way to acknowledge the return of the light.

Then, in the middle of the circle was a huge lit candle.  I would take my little tea light and hold it to the flame.  Walking slowly out of the spiral, holding my light,  I now set my intentions for the year to come.  

Finally,  I would sit and reflect, draw and an angel card  (from a deck developed by Findhorn community members) and so welcome that new quality as a guide for the next 12 months.  

As I no longer live in Findhorn.  I have started to offer my own  free live guided meditation on zoom for The Winter Solstice each year. 

To welcome the Return of the Light and support you to set your intention for the year ahead. 

 This year the meditation will be at  8am  Pacific Time on Tuesday 21st December.  Zoom Doors open at 7.30am.     Meditation starts at 8am.   Please be on time.   Latercomers will not be admitted. Please check your time zone.  

Contact me  for the zoom link to be able to join 


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