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3 big mistakes people make when trying to make changes in their life

 When thinking about making a change in your life, when you really want transformation…  You are probably making 3 big mistakes.  First  mistake is that you underestimate what it takes to change.  Second mistake is starting at the top of your list with the least important thing that you need to concentrate on And the third mistake is completely avoiding the biggest and most important  foundation of all change.  Change comes from within.  Be the change you want to see in the world.  You are what you believe.  Yes, the most important foundation of all change is MINDSET.  MINDSET is everything.  The pyramid diagram is adapted from a guy called John Wiseman who used to be an SAS (British Military Special Forces Unit) operative and has written a book on the SAS and why they are world renowned for their ability to survive through pretty crazy situations.  What’s that got to do with yoga?  Yoga is all  about peace and love, what can we learn from a retired military man who used to kill p