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Yoga Mats - choosing one that's eco-friendly

When you put your mat on the floor it's an act of surrender. Grab your mat. It's time. Roll your mat on the floor.  It's me time. Lie on your mat.  Yes.   This is Yoga time. Union time. All the thousand pressing issues of your life, the world and everything can fade away.  You can just inhabit the aliveness of this moment now as you enter into your world of yoga as you get onto your mat. It's a ritual. Although your mat is just a rolled up bit of plastic that you lay out in front of you, it's very presence puts your mind, your focus and your attention into all the wonder and mystery that can unfold on that mat. So it's worthwhile investing in a good mat for yourself. What is a good mat? Unless you've been living with your head under a rock, you will have some ecological awareness and the pressing issues of our time regarding pollution, recycling and use of plastics. It's true that most yoga mats are plastic, the first mats were cre