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How Many Types of Yoga Are There? Find the Perfect Type of Yoga for your Skill Level

Confused about which yoga is right for you? Yin yoga, Hot yoga, restorative yoga, kundalini,  Ashtanga, Iyenga, vinyasa, bikram, power yoga, butti yoga, naked yoga, I even know a teacher who teaches high heels yoga ! Then there are yogas that don’t use the body, Kriya Yoga (a system of mind, breath and devotion), Raja Yoga (meditation and mindfulness), Karma Yoga (working in service), Yoga Nidra ( a yoga meditation that can result in falling asleep what's not to like about that!) No wonder people who want to take up a yoga practice are confused and unsure of what style, skill or level they need to be at when they start. Firstly, let’s be clear that ALL yoga involving any physical asanas (postures) is called hatha yoga. So let's make this clear, there are 8 limbs of yoga as set out in the ancient texts by Patanjali and the 3rd Limb are Asanas or Postures. You could say hatha yoga is the umbrella term for all yogas that are to do with physically moving the b