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The Most Difficult Thing About Yoga

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the most difficult thing about yoga, the hardest part of your yoga practice is...  getting on your mat. Your mind tells you you're too busy.  Your schedule says you don't have time.  You've got so much work to do, or you're on holiday.  You have to make that phone call, deal with that issue at work, do that research on the internet,  the garden or house needs attention, you promised a friend to do something and there are a hundred other pressing details of life that simply push yoga out of the way. Yep somehow even scrolling through facebook or instagram can feel more important and sap your time away from your practice. Or you have an ache or a pain, an injury or a niggle and your mind tells you it's best to rest. Nike got it right when they said "Just Do It!"   in their ad campaign. I teach Kaiut Yoga a whole system that is specifically designed to work you through your physical, mental and

Potential Available Within - P.A.W. - in Kaiut Yoga

"Live up to your full potential, for only then will you experience both harmony and happiness. Only then will you possess real health, not just freedom from disease."   Dr B.P. Pillai ~ 'Yoga A Way of Life' The Potential Available Within - P.A.W. - has been referred to by Francisco Kaiut (founder of the Kaiut method of Yoga) in recent teachings.   P.A.W. points you to see that you are born with an incredible potential inside of you.  Huge potential.   What is potential? And how can you tap into it in a positive way?  You may believe that your potential is limited because of your genes.  But we now know through epigenetics that your genes can be turned ON or OFF depending on both your internal and external environment.  If you are in an environment that exposes you to excessive amounts of stress over time, this will put you into a permanent fight or flight mode. Your cells will work as if they are fighting off an infection that doesn't really exis