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Shoulder Issues - Yoga Solutions for Shoulders

Shoulders.... shrug your shoulders, take the weight of the world on your shoulders, shoulder responsibility, the word SHOULD - er...  Yep it says it all.  Shoulders are the place in the body where many of our tightnesses and tensions of all the "should"s in our lives can get trapped.   Shoulder issues can be genetic, maybe repetition (I always carried my babies on the left),  maybe an injury, sometimes as a compensation for another area of the body, the shoulders will stop moving.  We are static in many of our modern lifestyle habits.  Think of your shoulders when on your phone, at the computer, driving the car... They don't move much do they?  Then maybe you pick up a heavy bag, or do some digging in your garden and WOW do your shoulders ever ache. So what yoga solutions are there for shoulders?  The principle behind Kaiut yoga is about potentiality.  If you work your joints, then the muscles will follow.  The body is highly intelligent and sophisticated in its feed

Yoga is Hard to do?

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” Lao Tzu Sometimes you may find yourself saying "yoga is hard to do". I agree. But not for the reasons you think. You probably think yoga is hard to do because you are inflexible.   The poses are too difficult.   You don’t have the strength or stamina.   It’s the wrong time of day.   Lessons are too hot, too fast, too slow….You started too late in life. There are a hundred   or more reasons why you think yoga is difficult. But the real reason why yoga is hard is because of what you think. Basically if you think yoga is hard.   It will be.     Your mental programming is the biggest obstacle to your gaining results in yoga.   And the whole notion of getting results in the first place is a big obstacle to making your yoga practice easy.   Drop this idea that you need results. Unless you were raised by aliens, your culture has led you to believe that when you start som