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The 8 limbs of Yoga - An Introduction

Why did you begin yoga? To get fit? A friend told you something about it?  To lose weight?  To feel better? When you first become a yoga student and you get onto your yoga mat, if you stay some time in the studio, if you develop a regular practice, you start to play close attention to the movements of the body, you very quickly start to discover there is more to yoga than meets the eye. There is an understanding that yoga is a philosophy or a way of life.  It was designed by very wise people 1000's of years ago in a highly sophisticated indian culture who were interested in the refinement and evolution of the human potential. The ancient rishi's or wisemen, (very few women as far as we know) were concerned that that the path to enlightenment, the path to find a state of peace with the world was hampered in many ways. They set about developing a set of guidelines, a way of life, which we have as the 8 limbs or angas of yoga passed down to us today. The 8