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7 surprising benefits you can only get from private yoga lessons (and how to make the most of them)

The benefits of having a private yoga class are surprising and wonderful.  I don't think I've ever had a private yoga class myself and said I wish I hadn't done that!

As a yoga student (as well as a teacher) I know that the time and investment into private yoga lessons have made a huge difference in my practice and my teaching.

Please note:  I understand that having a private yoga lesson can be a little intimidating to consider.  Especially if you are mostly used to practicing yoga in a class setting.  Many students like to  “disappear” into a class with other students.  So a private session is a very different thing.  I completely understand that a private lesson can be a bit scary as it is time all focused on you.

So I invite you to read on to discover 7 surprising benefits of having a private yoga lesson...

One Student :  One teacher : One Lesson The lesson plans that I use in my classes come from Kaiut Yoga, they are brilliant, exact and precise.The instructions are gi…

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7 yoga moves for everybody (and any skill level)

Today's blog is a gift to you.

This offering is for you to see yoga as a normal everyday activity.

To understand that yoga is a process that is firstly about increased awareness, to be aware is to be awake, alive and participating in your life.  Secondly, yoga will give you more mobility. To be flexible in the mind is to be present and flexible in the body.   One cannot happen without the other.

And with awareness and attention, with mindful movement you have the ability to connect to the power available within.

So I've created a short sequence of 7 yoga moves for you.

This very simple sequence that can be done at home on your bed or a mat on the floor hopefully will give you an indication of how yoga can be for everybody and every body. 

Have you seen how the ancient art of yoga is presented today in Gyms and fitness centres around the world?Does it makes you feel unable to join in?Are the adverts and images showing attractive young supple (mostly women) of a certain age?Do you de…

Yoga and Breathing: Why they are a perfect combination

When you say you are going to practice yoga.  By that very act, it means in effect you are going to practice yoga and breathing – you cannot do one without the other. 
Of course you can’t do anything without breathing, you don’t need a doctor to tell you it’s end of life when you stop breathing,  but the beauty of yoga and breathing is that you are learning how to become more and more aware of your breath and the amazing life force that is behind it. 
Just think how much you do in life not being aware of your breath.
For you to give yourself one hour a day even one day a week where you commit to your yoga and therefore also to your breath is a great gift to your spirit, your health and your happiness. 
In Kaiut Yoga you are taught a lot about freedom.  About how to research and find restrictions in the body, and how to soften and release and let go of those tensions. Using your breath to help you do so. 
In the ancient texts, the yoga sutras of Patanjali, pranayama (commonly translat…