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5 Ways that Kaiut Yoga is More Beneficial than Physiotherapy

I had the priviledge of meeting a yoga teacher recently who shared her story.  She had been dropped as a baby during her birth, had a seizure,  and as a consequence suffered from brain damage that manifested as she was growing up as severe and  limited physical mobility.  To help with this, all through her childhood and into adulthood,  she had years and years of physiotherapy.   It didn't work.  Or it did work for a few days then she would need to go back. Again and again.  Today, she teaches Kaiut Yoga, which is what I am also trained to teach.  After a few years of her practicing, she is now able to stand without canes for the first time in her life.  I asked her why she felt that Kaiut Yoga was  so much more beneficial, despite being seen by some very wonderful and great physiotherapists over the years.  It seems to me that physiotherapy is offering so much,  using science, data driven methods, giving you caring hands from incredible professionals, so why did it not work in thi