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The 8 limbs of Yoga: 5th Yama: Aparigraha - absence of envy

The eight limbs of yoga are the pathway to enlightenment as set out by the ancient yogis of millennia ago.  The yamas and niyamas are the founding principles or the "code of ethics" for yoga  Aparigraha is one of the yamas or restraints.  It is translated as the absence of envy or jealousy Jealousy is an insidious feeling.  Its a confusing one too.  The assumption we make when we are jealous is that someone is better than us.  Envy creates equal confusion.  The assumption we make when we are envious is that someone has something more than us. For most of us jealousy and envy stem from childhood. Travel back to those feelings you had when you didn't  get the attention that your siblings got, when you didn't get the object, toy, gift, time that another member of your family received.  You became anxious and jealous.  Envious. Jealousy most often rears its head in relationships.  It's a threat that your partner, loved one will turn their attention el

Lessons on the truth - A Yogic Guide

The Eight Limbs of Yoga are like a map of yoga as described by Patanjali an ancient hindu scholar 1000's of years ago.  The first two limbs of yoga are called the yamas and niyamas.  Often translated as the retraints and observances. They can be seen as the rules for life. The yogic moral code. An ethical guide for practicing yogis.  The most famous yama to come out of India is ahimsa or non-violence as was strongly practiced by Mahatma Ghandi in his leadership of the Indian people as they broke free from British colonial rule. 2nd Yama Satya - Truth Lessons on The Truth Most religious orders, across cultures and race repeat a simple request for us to be honest. Our legal systems are full of litigation and laws to uphold the truth.   There is a reason for this.  We can lie.  We can misinform.  And this creates disfunction in society.  Look at all the drama in the world with "fake news" that we are currently faced with.  And noone argues with the fact