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Chakras: A beginner's Guide to the 7 Chakras

Chakras A Basic Introduction Chakras are the body's energy system.   When you learn about them you learn how to work  with your own awareness and ability to feel, sense and use the information in your chakras.    There is nothing needed to understand them, other than an open mind and open heart.   through self-study and learning and meditation you can guide yourself to learn more and use that wisdom to energize your body and spirit.   There many books and teachers to help you learn more about chakras and your energy system, so please be aware that the information here is a very basic.   Chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit - and through somatic experience and knowing you can truly feel how they work. So we deal not just with ideas, beliefs or thoughts, but also feelings and the chakra energy of your own spirit self.   The chakras are the division of your body energy into individual wheels or vortexes of vibration. Each chakra holds a specific function and vib