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5 common yoga mistakes that can keep you from loving your yoga practice

Yoga Mistakes

It’s an interesting thing to think about Yoga mistakes.  I’ve seen some people who have a very dedicated yoga practice, but I can see they don't LOVE it,  and when I start taking them through the Kaiut Yoga sequences that I teach I can see very quickly where some mistakes have been made.

The first thing to say about making mistakes in yoga is that actually you can't make mistakes.  You can injure yourself – and learn from that injury.  You can get into habits – and find a good teacher who will help you break them.  You can push yourself – and realise how much benefit comes from relaxing.  You can always learn from the creative experiment. Sometimes in yoga you get it “wrong”, but because you made that mistake, you now understand things deeper. You make a "mistake" and then you see much more clearly why that route may not suit you.  After making mistakes you will be left with more ability and more awareness of how your body and mind are working, growing…

Knee Pain During Yoga: Six adjustments to keep your knees safe

If you have knee pain, first of all you will need to check it out with your Dr. and check that you have the go ahead to practice yoga. This blog in no way is a substitute for any medical advice.
Okay medical disclaimer done.
The thing about knee pain during yoga is that you need to be very vigilant to see if the yoga is causing the pain, or if is highlighting pain that is already there.  There is a big difference.  If your knee has already some restrictions, some injury or tightness, then a good yoga practice will help highlight those issues. Your yoga will bring a focus and spotlight onto the knee and the knee pain, but in a good way. It will show itself to you more clearly.Then your yoga practice can help you address the knee pain in a holistic and healing way.
However, there are lots of yoga practices that you will need to avoid, because unfortunately they can actually create more pain, even injure your knees and I know many people stop practicing yoga because of the damage they …