The Most Difficult Thing About Yoga

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the most difficult thing about yoga, the hardest part of your yoga practice is...

 getting on your mat.

Your mind tells you you're too busy.  Your schedule says you don't have time.  You've got so much work to do, or you're on holiday.  You have to make that phone call, deal with that issue at work, do that research on the internet,  the garden or house needs attention, you promised a friend to do something and there are a hundred other pressing details of life that simply push yoga out of the way.

Yep somehow even scrolling through facebook or instagram can feel more important and sap your time away from your practice.

Or you have an ache or a pain, an injury or a niggle and your mind tells you it's best to rest.

Nike got it right when they said "Just Do It!"  in their ad campaign.

I teach Kaiut Yoga a whole system that is specifically designed to work you through your physical, mental and emotional apathy, your physical, mental and emotional resistance, your physical, mental and emotional injuries, your physical, mental and emotional tensions, belief systems,  pre-concieved notions, blocks and obstacles that get in the way of your practice....

In Kaiut it's simple.   You get on your mat and you feel. It may not feel comfortable.  It may not feel wonderful.  But when you feel you are alive.  When you are alive there is potential and when there is potential things can change...

This is my challenge to you... just do it.  Just get your mat right now - put it in the middle of your office,  living room or bedroom floor.  Yes put it in a place that it will be "in your way" so you can't avoid it.  Start your practice to FEEL.

And if that's too difficult, if your co-workers, spouse, partner,  dog or child can't live with a yoga mat in the middle of the floor, then just stay in bed in the morning and do some poses from bed!  How hard can that be?

Mel Robbins - public figure and author says you have 5 seconds to do something and make it real.  5 short seconds.  You have an idea -  I'll do some yoga.  But if you don't act on it within the five seconds of having the thought, if you don't do it NOW, chances are you won't.... and that is what is the most difficult thing about yoga.  How many times in the day might you think about yoga? Even just for one second?  But it is quickly glossed over and lost, unless you are willing to put everything aside and act on that thought there and then.

If one of your "excuses" is you can't practice because you need a teacher.  Or you need some direction,  I have plenty of recordings of classes for you to practice with.  Over 100 recordings of the Kaiut 1- 100 class plans.    And don't let the idea that you need a whole hour to follow a class let you avoid your practice.  You can pick a class and just do the first 10 minutes -  you don't need to schedule a full hour. Click Here for membership to Kathy White Yoga and get access to recordings

 I believe that no matter what's going on, whatever pain or injury you have (medical advice notwithstanding),  whatever resistances or avoidance techniques you have in place,  you can always find 10 minutes in your day to do a pose or two!

And you are not obliged to purchase membership to my site either, many students still use the 3 free videos that you were sent links to when you sign up to Kathy White Yoga.

Or if you have taken a Kaiut Class with me, or anyone else before, remember the most difficult thing about yoga is getting on your mat, once you are on your mat.  Just lie there.  Open your practice, and do what you do, do what you can remember from class.  Be gentle, be sweet and be courageous and willing to stop avoiding yourself.

So what's your excuse?

Email me or comment below why you can't or won't practice yoga and let's see if there are any legitimate reasons.

Remember if there is injury or damage -  Kaiut can be done in a very gentle form, slow and meditative, that will keep your joints moving to support your healing.  My 88 year old dad was doing yoga from his hospital bed just three days after a Triple A operation ! If he can do it in that condition, unless you have a Dr's note telling you not to move, you can too!

So what is this resistance ?  The strange thing is, we are talking about yoga - this is something that you will benefit from.  Your body will love you, your energy will shift. You will feel lighter, freer and more connected to yourself.

And I promise you, if you can conquer this most difficult thing about yoga, you will not get off your mat and wish you hadn't been on it for 10 minutes. I'll bet you don't say that was really difficult!

So get on your mat and  Just do it ! 

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