5 Ways that Kaiut Yoga is More Beneficial than Physiotherapy

I had the priviledge of meeting a yoga teacher recently who shared her story.  She had been dropped as a baby during her birth, had a seizure,  and as a consequence suffered from brain damage that manifested as she was growing up as severe and  limited physical mobility.  To help with this, all through her childhood and into adulthood,  she had years and years of physiotherapy. 

 It didn't work. 

Or it did work for a few days then she would need to go back. Again and again. 

Today, she teaches Kaiut Yoga, which is what I am also trained to teach.  After a few years of her practicing, she is now able to stand without canes for the first time in her life.  I asked her why she felt that Kaiut Yoga was so much more beneficial, despite being seen by some very wonderful and great physiotherapists over the years. 

It seems to me that physiotherapy is offering so much,  using science, data driven methods, giving you caring hands from incredible professionals, so why did it not work in this case?   

Here are 5 ways that I believe Kaiut Yoga can be beneficial for long term health and mobility (more than physiotherapy).  

1. Physiotherapy works to regain mobility and function in the short term.  Whereas Kaiut yoga regains the harmony, the feel and the fluidty of the whole system, using brain plasticity and the parasympathetic nervous system as tools for healing over the long term. My joint renewal system (developed from the same prinicples as Kaiut)  is based on regaining mobility AND calming the nervous system for decades. 

2. Physiotherapy stops working when you stop going for sessions. We all know people who regularly have to go to their physio.  Kaiut Yoga gives a lasting and sustainable practice that can be done just once a week on your own.  Kaiut trains the body to move when off the mat in newer,  more aware and awakened ways so that everything you do in life starts to flow from that new found awareness.  My joint renewal system introduces new angles, variety and changes of approach to each of your joints so that you move differently in life. 

3. Physiotherapy has one of its goals to reduce pain levels. The aim is to get you to be pain free.  Kaiut Yoga wants the body to be stimulated in all ways so to allow nature to find its own way through.  Never is there a goal or promise to get rid of pain.   There is simply an invitation to have a better understanding of the whole sytem, body and mind.  The Joint Renewal system helps reframe your thinking about any pain.  Taking the latest research to approach pain from a bio-psycho-social perspective. 

4. After surgery, injury, trauma or accidents, there is a physical response.  Physiotherapy will address this well on a  functional level.  However,  there is also the emotional response, the mental response, the stress response within the nervous system that also needs taking care of.  Kaiut yoga is about calming the whole system which is why it brings remarkable results.  If the body is in a state of stress and never re-learns how to relax after an accident, injury or surgery, no matter how much physical movement is done,  it won't ever heal.  Joint renewal offers a stress free way to move the body and learn how to relax deeply. 

5. Kaiut does not try to give you a 'normal' body, or to return to the body you once had.  It welcomes the body you have now.  You already have a normal body.  It is normal for you now.  Trying to fight it, change it, adapt it, move it, build it up, break it down, crack it into shape, build tone, strength, flexibility are all just going to frustrate, depress or make you anxious.  There is so much kindness in the approach that Kaiut offers to welcome you now.  Joint renewal can happen no matter what shape you are in. 

As I see it, Joint Renewal works, I've seen it work in my students and the many teachers I know of the Kaiut yoga method,  all report the same.  With a consistent practice and understanding of the method, with just one class a week, you can make a huge difference to your nervous system to find sustainable results and freedom. 

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Want to know more about Kaiut Yoga and the Joint Renewal System I developed based on these principles? visit www.kathywhiteyoga.com to sign up for a free copy of The Joint Renewal Guide



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