Shoulder Issues - Yoga Solutions for Shoulders

Shoulders.... shrug your shoulders, take the weight of the world on your shoulders, shoulder responsibility, the word SHOULD - er...  Yep it says it all.  Shoulders are the place in the body where many of our tightnesses and tensions of all the "should"s in our lives can get trapped.


Shoulder issues can be genetic, maybe repetition (I always carried my babies on the left),  maybe an injury, sometimes as a compensation for another area of the body, the shoulders will stop moving.  We are static in many of our modern lifestyle habits.  Think of your shoulders when on your phone, at the computer, driving the car... They don't move much do they?  Then maybe you pick up a heavy bag, or do some digging in your garden and WOW do your shoulders ever ache.

So what yoga solutions are there for shoulders?  The principle behind Kaiut yoga is about potentiality.  If you work your joints, then the muscles will follow.  The body is highly intelligent and sophisticated in its feedback loops.  If you practice a yoga that gives you more range in the shoulder joint, then the muscles around that joint naturally start to tone.  The body is aware of the shoulder movements you have.  If your shoulder is free to lift your arms above your head, out to the sides, back behind you, if you can straighten the elbow joint and feel the arms extend, through the shoulder,  and if you can easily and readily ask  for those shoulder moves in any given moment, then the muscles will be  ready to enable you to always have that potentiality.  But if you never go for that range, if you limit where the arms can go, or how the shoulders can move, then you will limit the potential, and the muscles will atrophy and the restriction will grow.

And sometimes we do not even realise a restriction has developed, we are unaware of our limitations.  These days many modern cars have reverse mirror cameras.  You don't even have to turn your neck anymore to back up.  So you may not even know that you are unable to make that movement.  So it's hard to know you have a shoulder issue, let alone find a yoga solution.

All movements are our birthright.  We are born with them.  We do not need to take six year olds to the gym to build muscle tone, because they are always in their body and always moving.  It is when we stop moving that the problems creep in.  And they creep in so slowly, over time. 

Kaiut Yoga deliberately and systematically shows you where you have issues.  It is designed to help you hunt them down.  Whatever restrictions you have in your shoulders, Kaiut will find those shoulder issues for you, and give you yoga solutions for them.

When I started doing Kaiut  I suddenly became aware of how the yoga was helping me, and now I was able to turn my head more easily when driving the car. But the interesting thing was,  I had not even registered this limitation as a limitation.  I could not tell you when the tightness in my neck and shoulders had started. I was not even fully aware of it as a problem.   Thank fully it didn't take hold.   I was gifted this yoga and over that first year of practicing, I was able to completely change how I move and use my neck and shoulders.

Now when driving I am able to stay fluid and mobile with my neck and shoulder turns.When I drive our car with the reverse mirror.  I deliberately do the turning movement as well as checking the camera (plus the fact that I managed to have a fender bender last year because of not using the camera properly - but that's another story about staying present!)

It is vitally important that you keep your range of movement in all joints.  And I made this video to help you keep your movements specifically in your shoulders.

Click here to watch video

If you are familiar with the Kaiut lesson plans, and have been coming to my classes regularly or taking classes online, you will know how the shoulder sequences are pretty much a part of every class.  Sometimes the emphasis is more, sometimes less,  generally speaking, if you are following Kaiut Yoga, you are working your shoulders.

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