Guide to 7 Benefits of Yoga (for beginners over 45 plus)

Yoga benefits are numerous. 

With a far reaching appeal - many, many people in recent years have taken up yoga because of the benefits.

Maybe you are thinking of starting a yoga class because you want to feel fitter, stronger, more supple...

Well I have a guide for you that explores 7 key yoga benefits that give you that information. And the key yoga benefits maybe more profound than you realise.  This is of course relating specifically to Kaiut Yoga - which is the form of yoga that I teach.

And once you have the info, the guide should help with your motivation to practice.  And you can share the information with your friends and family - especially if they say....

"You're too old for Yoga" 

Nonsense!  One of the most problematic aspects of trying to explain yoga benefits is that many folk hold images of sweet young flexible people practicing. 

You don't see many yoga studios advertising images of middle aged men, barely being able to bend.  Here's one of my student Iain showing just that...

The yoga benefits of a regular kaiut practice  (that doesn't have to be hard, nor extreme, it doesn't have to be fast, hot or require power)  can be amazing.

I think of a student at a training I attended who suffers from M.S. and shared with us how much her symptoms have become more manageable since starting Kaiut. A student my teacher Francisco Kaiut shared about, who at age sixty was on a waitlist for a hip replacement. At 80 he now plays soccer and never had the hip op.   Another Kaiut teacher/student I met who had a cycle accident years ago and shattered her knees.  She shared her recovery using kaiut yoga with us during our training.  Watching her  kneeling on the floor with zero pain for 20 minutes as she spoke was such a strong testament to the practice. Now if that's not a yoga benefit then what is?

If you're interested in reading more - then download this free guide to the 7 key yoga benefits

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