Basic Yoga for Beginners

Are you  looking for a Yoga practice that is suitable for beginners?

Most people believe that yoga is a practice that has levels of difficulty.  Indeed most yoga studios will help you compound that belief by offering Basic Yoga for Beginner classes.

So you are thinking if  you start at place A (the beginner place)  in your practice eventually you must get to place Z (the expert).

And that takes discipline and hard work. Hours on your mat.  Slogging away. Pushing, sweating, struggling and working.

Want to give up already?

Kaiut Yoga - which is what I teach at Kathy White Yoga is a practice that includes Basic Yoga for Beginners.   And it includes Yoga for Experts, because every asana  (posture) is designed to be able to be done by everyone, everybody, every BODY.

That means beginners and advanced students both. Together in the same room.  Doing the same class.

Francisco Kaiut who is the founder of this method, has taught all his certified teachers to make sure that we teach the postures in a safe way.  For the beginner, the basic yoga postures are "easy" ones.  For sure they will expose restrictions, areas of stiffness and maybe an old injury.  But you will be guided to approach any of your restrictions with care and a very mindful approach. And over time watch them disappear.

And for the expert yoga student, those "easy" postures become less easy because what increases is the time held in the posture, the layer of restriction is deeper,  and gravity works the posture differently.

If you are looking for basic yoga for beginners and feel inadequate in a class, then problem is either your judgements or comparisons or the class itself.

If you are in a class where you are  using blocks (bringing the floor to you) like the first photo in this article.

And next door mat has Bendy Wendy doing something like this.

You may think you are in the wrong class.  That this is not basic yoga for beginners...

What I help my students with, and how I've been taught to teach is by inviting each student to work at their own level.  If there are 12 students in the room.  I'm teaching 12 different classes.

And to encourage my students to keep going deeper and deeper, not physically but with their mind.  Their awareness and concentration.  To let go even more.  To lower their heart rate and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, to rest and restore.  This is where you get the real benefits of yoga.

We have made a mistake in the western mind when we see folk doing things with their bodies we immediately jump to the conclusion that it's a fitness thing, a physical workout, a form of exercise. Yoga couldn't be further away from that.  Unfortunately, many forms of yoga have taken the postures and made them hot, fast and a workout.  And on one level that's great - if you are looking for a work out.

What you might be looking for if you want a basic yoga for beginners class is something a bit more holistic. Grounded.  Less like a jog on the treadmill.  You might have heard that Yoga is good for the mind, for depression, or for the heart, for thyroid problems or whatever.

 The reason why yoga is good for these physical aliments is that a good yoga class puts your body into rest and digest, restore and rejuvenate mode.  It calms you down.  Slows you down.   So the body can get on with it's own healing process.

So, I'm always teaching basic yoga for beginners if there are people new to the practice joining me.

And if you are a beginner and the yoga class you are in isn't meeting your needs - swap.  Change.  Find another class.

I invite you to try join  me online for a  Kaiut Class , and experience how it can be basic yoga for beginners.

You can get access to my three taster classes by signing up to Kathy White Yoga HERE

And if you purchase a membership to Kathy White Yoga I have an online Introduction to Kaiut course for all new members - beginner or expert all levels can benefit. 


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